How to procure aid?

The aid application procedure is simple. We will help you prepare the necessary documents. We will send you a decision on aid within 30 days of your submission of the application.



STEP 1: Contact us

We recommend that you start by contacting our office. This will enable our staff to support you with key information, pre-assess project eligibility (e.g., whether the given type of activity is subject to aid), as well as to discuss the procedure and many other important aspects of aid.


STEP 2: Prepare and submit an application for aid

The next step is to apply for aid. The application form should be accompanied by:

  • an extract from a land and building register as well as a map of the investment property in question from the land and building register; information sheet presented when applying for aid other than aid in agriculture or fishery, de minimis aid or de minimis aid in agriculture or fishery
  • financial statements for the preceding 3 financial years, prepared in accordance with accounting law
  • current company deed/articles of association

Additional documents to be appended to the aid application form:

  • Written commitment to place a prominent investment notice (sign) at the investment site
  • Written commitment to submit quarterly reports
  • Consent for the processing of personal data for the purposes of the Company's marketing, in particular – consent for the data to be published on the website
  • Company’s certificate of no tax arrears
  • Company’s certificate of no social security (ZUS) arrears

An application form with appendices is available under Downloads


STEP 3: Processing of application

Once submitted, the application is processed under administrative procedure. If necessary, you may be called to supplement the application.


STEP 4: Issuance of the decision on aid

If your application meets all formal requirements and eligibility criteria, you will receive a decision on granting aid for your new investment. The decision will specify:

  • its validity period
  • type of business activity concerned
  • the site of the new investment (including land/building registry information for the property)
  • completion date for your investment
  • the conditions you need to meet

Once the decision is granted, you can commence your investment project and enjoy your tax credit!

For more information, please contact us


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