Who is eligible?

Industrial companies (except for producers of selected products, including alcohol, tobacco products, steel, electricity and gas) and some service companies are eligible for tax relief.


Aid is available to:

  • companies from a traditional industry sector (e.g. food production, furniture manufacturing etc.)

Aid is not available to:

companies such as:

  • producers of alcohol, tobacco products, explosives, steel
  • energy producers and distributors
  • wholesalers and retailers
  • construction companies
  • accommodation and food service companies
  • operators of game centres 
  • additionally, under EU regulations, companies from the metallurgy, iron, steel and coal sectors are not eligible for aid.

Innovative services

Aid is available to:

providers of services such as:

  • software, hosting and IT consulting
  • repair and maintenance of computers/communications equipment
  • specialist design
  • architectural and engineering services
  • technical analysis and testing
  • environmental consulting services
  • head office and management consulting services
  • call centres
  • accounting services
  • research and development
  • financial auditing
  • warehousing and storage of merchandise
  • Aid is not available to:

    providers of services such as:

  • financial and insurance services / real estate activities / legal or tax consulting services
  • advertising / market research

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